DDR 7th Mix Score Sheet

IDTitle Double
0x0142BYE BYE BABY BALLOON0627917900332 A
0x014dCANDY0858349300185 AA
0x013dCOW GIRL0670426620311 AA
0x012fDIVE(more deep)0633456640320 AA
0x012dDo It Right0684518600197 A
0x0138DO YOU REMEMBER ME0645920530242 A
0x014cexotic ethnic0817312000303 AA
0x0136FANTASY0663793290309 AA
0x014aFirefly0727504200296 A
0x0143FLASH IN THE NIGHT0569401810261 A
0x0139FOLLOW ME0653146750337 A
0x0148FRECKLES(KCP Re-Edit)0653961120369 A
0x0134GHOSTS0606217170277 AA
0x00d3Groove0606032000302 A
0x012aGroove 20010590137400269 A
0x012bHealing Vision(Angelic mix)0612636000088 B
0x013aHIGHS OFF U(Scorccio XY Mix)0612225260306 A
0x0140I'M IN THE MOOD FOR DANCING0565118710289 A
0x013fJUSTIFY MY LOVE0618220820286 A
0x0129Let the beat hit em!(CLASSIC)0556313170166 A
0x0141LET'S GROOVE0618688770201 AA
0x012cLook To The Sky0585796260317 A
0x0132LOVIN' YOU0649170160312 AA
0x0145MAX 3000755332200107 B
0x00d4Midnite Blaze0675948800245 A
0x013bMIRACLE0736192550309 AA
0x0147MY SWEET DARLIN'0688017280262 AA
0x0130NORI NORI NORI0780321200172 AA
0x012eON THE JAZZ0564554530347 A
0x0133ORDINARY WORLD0616931000299 A
0x00d5ORION.78(civilization mix)0715658000128 B
0x00d6Share My Love0564615380260 A
0x0149SO DEEP0708206950237 A
0x013eTELEPHONE OPERATOR0547167630284 A
0x0131The Centre Of The Heart0642955030299 AA
0x0146true...(radio edit)0690473900298 AA
0x014etrue...(Trance Sunrise)0652215990319 AA
0x013cTWILIGHT ZONE0703093750295 A
0x0137WITCH DOCTOR0579247020317 A
0x0144WWW.BLONDE GIRL(MOMO MIX)0674963580287 AA
0x014bYOZORA NO MUKO0785247000145 A
0x00c4.590631298400174 A
0x00ecABSOLUTE0699218850307 A
0x0101ABYSS0591565800186 A
0x007cAFRONOVA0717090000249 B
0x0019AM-3P0664171900260 AA
0x00bbB4U0610818600155 A
0x000bBRILLIANT 2U0647107000247 A
0x000dBRILLIANT 2U(Orchestra-Groove)0671762500249 AA
0x00edBROKEN MY HEART0831060000346 A
0x00b8BURNIN' THE FLOOR0773275200334 A
0x009bCAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE0680378300196 A
0x010eCAN'T STOP FALLIN' IN LOVE SPEED0865723200366 AA
0x00ddCELEBRATE NITE0631046200181 A
0x007fDEAD END0685566450472 A
0x009aDROP OUT0770287500254 A
0x008bDROP THE BOMB0548336150308 A
0x00eeDXY!0728190600398 AA
0x007eDYNAMITE RAVE0661246500263 A
0x00ebECSTASY0601229200106 A
0x007dEND OF THE CENTURY0824391500215 A
0x00c6era(nostalmix)0688067250230 A
0x00e9Healing Vision0779273000111 A
0x00b9HIGHER0621526400305 A
0x00c5Holic0690612200116 A
0x009fHYSTERIA0595633000089 A
0x010dINSERTiON0676858750132 A
0x0080La Senorita0775467450421 A
0x00bcLOVE AGAIN TONIGHT0620324800158 A
0x0083LUV TO ME(AMD MIX)0725004800209 A
0x00fbMATSURI0674335500323 A
0x00beMY SUMMER LOVE0679175200107 A
0x00baORION.78(AMeuro-MIX)0597727400270 A
0x001bPARANOiA0753826800434 A
0x00a0PARANOIA EVOLUTION0796368750195 A
0x002aPARANOiA KCET(clean mix)0760865250211 A
0x001dPARANOiA MAX(DIRTY MIX)0806418400211 A
0x0082PARANOiA Rebirth0818800000365 A
0x0102SANA MORETTE NE ENTE0695317000269 A
0x00deSEXY PLANET0596175000256 A
0x0081Silent Hill0674605400293 AA
0x00eaSTILL IN MY HEART0629206450143 A
0x009eSUPER STAR0728033600180 A
0x00b7TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX0777885400159 A
0x002bTRIP MACHINE(luv mix)0860580750337 AA
0x009cWILD RUSH0758084800199 A
0x0159A MINUTE(Extended Mix)0640415200315 A
0x0155BABY LOVE ME0701474300308 A
0x0168BREAK DOWN!0723499200200 B
0x0169Burning Heat!(3 Option Mix)0761976000319 A
0x016dCANDY(DDR MAX2)0593944000286 A
0x0156D2R0597442300241 A
0x0157DESTINY0736457800294 A
0x0166DIVE TO THE NIGHT0584714000124 A
0x015fDRIFTING AWAY0703596800367 A
0x015bever snow0752437100281 AA
0x016bFANTASY(DDR MAX2)0632189950258 A
0x016ci feel...0781148700128 A
0x0160IT'S RAINING MEN(Almighty Mix)0621443500089 A
0x0173KAKUMEI0792715550207 A
0x0163LITTLE BOY(BOY ON BOY MIX)0810946200169 A
0x0158LIVING IN AMERICA0715245550222 A
0x0151LONG TRAIN RUNNIN'0569548000127 A
0x0170LOOK AT US(Daddy DJ Remix)0592913600122 A
0x0152MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE(KC Club Mix)0748287500230 A
0x0165MAXX UNLIMITED0727325200062 C
0x0171MORE THAN I NEEDED TO KNOW0609653000194 A
0x016aNOTHING GONNA STOP0658585600273 AA
0x0164rain of sorrow0717343400132 A
0x0162Secret Rendez-vous0586890000201 A
0x015eSO FABULOUS SO FIERCE0694834400104 A
0x016eSpin the disc0763178000279 AA
0x0161STAY0829453950326 A
0x015aSweet Sweet Love Magic0790511950135 A
0x015dTHE REFLEX0621616000154 A
0x0172THE WHISTLE SONG0644900850293 A
0x0153THERE YOU'LL BE0761293700335 AA
0x016fTRANCE DE JANEIRO0761018400116 A
0x0167TSUGARU0783393600184 A
0x0154WAKA LAKA0743905750248 A